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Price prediction 2021

Started by yK, Jan 19, 2021, 04:22 PM

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This is the first topic that's going to talk about what is going to be the price per $HTR in this year.
I would love to see where people think we can go in terms of MC and price.
Let me know what is your target in the comments below! ;D


If HTR gets on enough exchanges and can get on places like Binance, Kraken, etc... I wouldn't be surprised to see over $10, but that's just speculation at this point.
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I'd say it totally depends on the type of projects HTR might attract. If all are low tech local than I'd see a price range of 1 to 10$. If more complex projects become onboarded, than 10 to 100$ and over, depending on how successful these projects are.


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SHort term: Timber... based on BTCs giant triangle since the ATH looks like it is being broken.

YEs, for HTR to gain price, it has to gain value first. We need to see implementation of new functionality and use-cases. Of course when the altcoin-tide rises, all coins rises, but that will not last forever, like we have seen back in 2017/18.