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CHIROTHECA Decentralised investment, manufacture and trade.

Started by RanXerox, Jan 19, 2021, 10:42 AM

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CHIROTHECA is a project aiming to start up(or convert) factories for manufacture of goods through crowd funding.

Holders can stake their tokens to receive payout of production profits to their wallet in real-time. Seed-funding and private-sale will be announced on this forum as soon as the ecosystem and wallets are functional. Our goal is to make a show-case to see how quick, efficient and secure a factory can be built by the community/end-users investing in goods they need and use on a regular basis.
The model gives anyone the chance to invest in the production of goods that they rely on on a regular basis. Our first case is disposable examination gloves for hospitals, dentist, etc. Holders are incentivised to invest and market the products as they get a share of the profits. Gone are the days where only super-rich venture capitalist corporations and accredited investors, control production and what we can buy in the store.

The current crowdfunding model, like Kickstarter, only gives you an option to buy the product at a discounted rat before production. CHIROTHECA gives you profits from the factory and it's production.
We want to show that "blockchain" technology can be used for nitty gritty investment in hard assets, getting paid in real time, for production of hard-goods, that people need on a daily basis. full control and freedom through their own wallet, not exclusive to VC capitalist firms or accredited investors, although they are free to join (however, they do not have any more say or any more privileges than "Norman Joe" who invested 100USD or 10USD). No fancy pipedream futuristic project that might see fruition(like 99.99% of all projects ICOed on ETH for the past 3-4 years). Super simple bread and butter show-case of how world trade and world production can be done with the consumers active participation. Decentralised, permissionless, trust-free, secure, highly profitable and effective.

We will announce further new on this project as the plan comes to reality.

C ya!